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I was invited back to Bmore Lifestyle to discuss New Years Resolutions and how to pick and keep them!

Bmore Lifestyle TV segment about Resolutions from Terry @ Thrive Life Coaching on Vimeo

I’m the owner of Thrive Life Coaching, this video tells a little about my journey from Information Technology Director to Life and Leadership Coach. Changing a career is hard, trust me I know first hand, but if you’re not happy and engaged in what you’re doing, you’ll be (or already are) miserable. Let me work with you to set your goals or vision for your exciting future. I can help you be more fulfilled, grow and succeed.

I’m on my encore career as a Career & Life Coach from Terry @ Thrive Life Coaching on Vimeo

Having second thoughts about your career? You realize summer is over and you don’t have any vacation left, plus you’re not happy in your job?

End of summer blues from Terry @ Thrive Life Coaching on Vimeo

Awesome video about Turnaround Tuesday and how the ICF Maryland chapter is adding value. This is where I donate my time coaching Baltimore City residents trying to find jobs. We help with interview skills, resume building and good old fashioned coaching.
Many people have a hard time dealing with transition (change); it might be a move to a new city, an empty nest (the kids finally moved out), a family crisis, or career change. As a professionally trained coach I can help you get unstuck, move you through the problem to continue living your more fulfilled and successful life.

Everyone has some stress, but the first step to reducing it is identification. So if you want some help getting rid of your stress, send me an email to set up a coaching session.

Transition coach from Terry @ Thrive Life Coaching on Vimeo.

Got Stress? Let’s get rid of it! from Terry @ Thrive Life Coaching on Vimeo.

My interview for the NCA Coach Interview Series

I had a great chat with Brandon from Life Coach Path, check out the interview here: This was a collaboration between Life Coach Path and the National Coach Academy.

Job interviews

Radio Show on Interview Skills

In this segment I tell a story about one of my clients and how the interview skills coaching helped her get her dream job.  

BMORE Lifestyle Terry and hosts

BMORE Lifestyle Interview about Stress

Watch my Live interview From the set of BMORE Lifestyle on April 24, 2018 as we discuss STRESS.  This show is taped in the FOX studios on TV hill in Baltimore

Turnaround Tuesday Coaching with Terry

ABC2 News interview with Terry

About a month ago I received an email from Megan Knight at ABC2 News, a local Baltimore affiliate of ABC, asking me if I’d like to participate in an interview about New Years resolutions.  Of course my answer was YES.  Megan came to my home office, set up her video camera, miked me up and […]

Job interviews

Interview Skills for Hiring Managers

Interview Skills Workshop Have your hiring managers or supervisors hire the best people by providing them the skills necessary to do the job!

Job interviews

Interview Skills Workshop

Bring Your Best Self Forward During the Job Interview November 4th At the Bay Healing Arts Center 9129 Bay Avenue North Beach, MD 20714 10 am – 12 noon Cost $25.00 Career and Leadership Coaches Tom Chaplin and Terry DellaVecchia share techniques for interview success. Here’s what you’ll learn: Values based interviewing techniques How to negotiate […]


Why do you do what you do?

The Energy Leadership Assessment can tell you why you do what you do! What’s your E-Factor? Call me to take the Energy Leadership Assessment to find out how you show up and how you can change.  Of course that’s only if you really want to know the consciousness behind your actions or why you do […]

Career coaching

Do you have a career or is it just a job?

Career or Job? How do you feel about doing what you do now for the rest of your life?  Are you getting where you want to go?  If you’re struggling with your career (don’t really like what you’re doing), want to do something after retirement, or were released from your current job and it wasn’t […]

“I’m Terry DellaVecchia, I help clients with their career and their life by eliminating stress
and utilizing their strengths, so they feel engaged, passionate,
and able to achieve the success they desire. I help them THRIVE.”

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If you only have one life (and that is a philosophical discussion for another time) why aren’t you living that life to the fullest extent possible? I don’t mean forgetting your core values, but living your life in the now. Enjoying your work, play, family, and friends today. The past is gone, the future hasn’t happened yet, but you still have today… Check out this link to the Energy Leadership Assessment to see if you want to know more about the consciousness behind your actions.  Either way, I can help you enjoy the life you live everyday.

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Do you want to get there faster so you can start living your dream instead of thinking about it? If so, then it’s time to take the step that will make it happen— it’s time to partner with a coach. I can help you achieve success by serving as your accountability partner. We can work in person or over the phone, whatever is best for you and your schedule. Download “Is coaching for you?”